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Yoga Instructor – Zanesville, Ohio
Meet Rachel Bentley, our Kids Yoga Instructor!!Yoga - Zanesville, Ohio

She will be teaching classes for kids ages 4-11 on Thursday’s 5-6pm and on Saturdays 10-11am! (Parents- we arranged an adult class during each of these times too, so you both can take a class at the same time!!) She’s also planning some fun and creative workshops for kids this summer, watch for those to be released soon!!

You must come come to the studio to purchase a class or package for your child and to sign paperwork!

$10 drop-in
$70 10 class pass

Grass Roots Studio Rachel Bentley
Rachel Bentley is a certified children’s yoga instructor and was trained by Shana Meyerson of mini yogis. Rachel works full time as a Preschool Intervention Specialist in the Muskingum County area. She started her personal yoga journey four years ago, and became interested in children’s yoga after…


Grass Roots Studio
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Types of Yoga Classes

all-levels vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is energizing and empowering. This class is designed to practice linking movement with breath. The word Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way”- so this class teaches you to move your body from pose to pose in a mindful way with breath to cultivate ease with effort. Expect to leave feeling refreshed. All levels are welcome and every class offers a new sequence and perspective.  Modifications are given to tone down intensity, while more advanced options will provide students with the opportunity to enter into more challenging poses.

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beginner yoga

An “introduction to yoga” class.  This class is designed to prepare you to feel confident and comfortable in a variety of active yoga settings and styles, such as Vinyasa, Baptiste and Ashtanga.  Expect to be introduced to seated, standing and lying down postures, as well as, guided properly within transitions from one pose to the next.  This class will touch on all areas of physical fitness such as strength, flexibility, and balance, and will also begin to introduce yoga philosophy and aspects of meditation.  No yoga experience is necessary, just an open mind and heart!

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heated power flow

This is a physically challenging practice that combines mindful, flowing transitions with powerful, strength-based poses in a heated setting. (about 90 degrees F) Expect to be challenged and expect to sweat. Although strength is a key ingredient in power yoga, flexibility, balance and mobility will also be huge aspects of this class. Students leave feeling awake and empowered, yet calm and rested. Yoga experience and a stable yoga foundation are recommended.

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heated slow flow

Vinyasa yoga is energizing and empowering. This class is designed to practice linking movement with breath at a slow and mindful pace, which requires a lot of strength and deep mental focus. The word “Vinyasa” literally means “to place in a special way” so this class challenges you to move from pose to pose slowly enough to explore all of the tiny details and workings along the way. The room will be heated with infrared panels to ensure an invigorating sweat. (around 85 degrees F) Some yoga experience and a basic foundation are recommended.

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hot vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is energizing and empowering. This class is designed to practice linking movement with breath in an infrared heated (95-100 degree F) room. Expect to sweat, a lot! The word “Vinyasa” literally means “to place in a special way”, so this class teaches you to move your body from pose to pose in a mindful way with breath, cultivating a link between effort and ease. Every class offers new poses and sequencing. Some experience and a basic foundation in yoga is recommended for this class.

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kids yoga

This class is designed as a fun and safe way for your child to learn important aspects of yoga, and every day life, such as body awareness, breath control, mindfulness, and relaxation to improve concentration and overall well-being.

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Slow down and tune in. This practice will use different types of meditation techniques (often grounded in Shamata meditation or “peaceful abiding”) to encourage you to breathe, observe, acknowledge, inquire and just simply “be”.

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This class involves the use of bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to set up the body for complete relaxation.  The idea of a restorative class is to melt away physical and mental tension, and to soothe the central nervous system.  Prepare for a restful experience, which sinks students purely into the present moment.  No yoga experience is necessary.

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style of baptiste

A physically challenging and flowing practice in a heated room, which features a vigorous sequence-Baptiste Power Vinyasa style- designed to condition the entire body.  The aim of this class is to create a physically challenging environment to prepare students for emotional, mental and spiritual challenges in life.  This class is awakening, freeing, empowering and aids in creating peace of mind in each moment.  All levels are welcome; however, some yoga knowledge and experience are recommended for this class.

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vinyasa level 1/2

This yoga class is designed for students with some Vinyasa (flow) yoga experience. Expect flowing,active sequences incorporating balance, strength and flexibility, while focusing on mindful movement with breath.  This class will build on the foundations developed in a Beginner Yoga setting and will begin to expand into more physically challenging and demanding postures and sequences.

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Yin yoga is all-level friendly and may be especially beneficial for people with an active lifestyle or active yoga practice as it encourages students to slow down and reflect inward. Each pose is typically held anywhere from 1-5 minutes, so the class does not consist of much movement; however, there is some effort/activity required to hold and remain in specific postures. Props such as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets are often used.(All provided by Grass Roots.) This class encourages a “deep release” for muscles and connective tissue and often leaves students feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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