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  • 21/02/2017
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Buy or Sell with Free Classifieds - Mammas Markets

Buy or Sell with Free Classifieds Mamma’s Markets

There is no better place to buy or sell using free classifieds than Mamma’s Markets in Guernsey or Muskingum

Buy or Sell with Free Classifieds Mamma’s Markets

Buy or Sell with Free
Classifieds Mamma’s Markets

County,  why use Facebook with limitations when you have access to buy and sell products online and obtain a wider coverage area than facebook can provide.  If you want to use the map feature it is available also and this feature is great for businesses.  If you are getting tired of your listing not being approved with Facebook classifieds, additionally many business ads are never approved, your Facebook listing never receives organic rankings only Facebook viewers.  Most advertising groups are closed groups so you first must ask to join and wait maybe three or four day before someone gets back with you.  Not so with Mamma’s Market and if you do not want to post a price that is alright to,  let your viewers contact you for pricing if that is what you want.  Plus you can ad html, scripts and more to your listing in turn making it more interactive.

Best Free Classifieds Serving Southeastern Ohio

With Mamma’s Markets people can also share with all their social media friends, if you are a business they can provide reviews and more.  Tell your friends about this great free classified and yard sale resource which ranks well in both Cambridge and Zanesville, Ohio.  Real estate companies, auto dealers, plumber, electricians all can benefit from using our service.  We are locally owned and operated so building your business is important to us, our promise is to provide you the best possible service and maintain high rankings for our site on the search engines.

What you get with a free classified on Mamma’s Markets:

  1.   The ability to use .html in your ad.
  2.   Up to 5 images per ad can be used
  3.   Add Google Maps to your listing
  4.   Link your add to your social media pages
  5.   Properly written ads can be ranked by the search engines.
  6.   Ability to link to your website or sales page.
  7.   Ability to edit your ad whenever you want.
  8.   Mamma’s Markets is also mobile friendly for viewing on all mobile devices.
  9.   No ads from any foreign country is permitted on this website and will be deleted.
  10.   No advertising that is not friendly to all age groups will be permitted on this website.

Real Estate Listings with high rankings

Sell homes and commercial properties using our service or simply place a listing about your company with us and watch your listings and buyers grow,  it is simple to do just setup a free account and place your listings.  Tell your friends and neighbors about us also and you can help us grow as we help you grow.

We serve all cities on the National Road for yard sales and Eastern Ohio for Business and Classified advertising,  all 30 day listings are free and if you want longer listings and better rankings on your listings we do offer that for a small fee,  additionally we can do your listing for you for a nominal fee of $20. per listing.

Please take some time to read our article on how to write your ads for higher ranking if you wish.   Click Here