Part 2 – Business Without Limitations

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Business Without Limitations

Business Without Limitations

With internet today you can start a business with what you enjoy and not MLM Opportunities where the only people getting rich are the people who started the business, you see how many ads are on here for companies like Zeekler.  Start a business with what you do best and not a get rich quick scheme and place advertising that actually means something and don’t try to sell the idea, explain it in a way people want your product.Business Without Limitations

As an example of a business for you, let’s say you like cleaning well why not start a cleaning company and detail what you can do for a customer on a 2 or 3 page CMS system, which by the way could be a customized word press blog.  When starting a business do not make it more complicated than it is, start small and grow to the size you are comfortable with and do not start a business with the idea you are going to make millions but with the idea that you can do it better than someone else, let the business take you where it will.

In life when you do something you enjoy you will usually do it well and believe me that is the key to being successful in business and in life, as an example of this concept I remember my youngest son came to me a couple years back and by the way he already has a good job with a well known company but had some free time on the weekends and in the evenings and did not just want to sit around the house.  When he was a Senior in high school he worked for his uncle building fence and really enjoyed the outside work and the physical labor that was required but at the time realized that he could not support what he want on the income that he made so in a year or two moved to an another are and found a career.

Now though he wanted to build his own business, something that he could do on the side and make some income that he could continue to build through life.  He did not start this business thinking he was going to get rich on it but it was something he enjoyed so he asked if I could put him up a website, of course not everyone has a father that has a website design and development company either.  My point is anyone can start a business today for a minimal amount of money and build it into something that you can make a living on either part time or full time and the time to start is now and not ten years from now or when you are desperate for an income.

On with my son’s business,  I put up the website for him in February and provided him some templates that he could use on Craigslist and BuckeyeAds for advertising his new business and to hone in on local areas but by May of that year jobs were starting to come in and that part time job was keeping him business almost every weekend the first year and kept his uncle busy in the southern part of the state.  By the second year the website was generating several jobs a month.

Now understandably the business initially came from the website but by doing a good job for the customers more and more people were referred to the website,  when your business does reach this stage it is up to you to make a decision and my son opted to keep his day job and keep the business small and a good side income.  This is how it should be done, all to many times I see people put the cart before the horse and never get no where.

Below are the steps that I would suggest to starting a home business:

  • First is the idea stage where you and your spouse discuss what your passion is and a game plan would be put together.
  • Discuss costs, expected and potential unexpected.  When started a business from home the single largest expense should be the website as it needs to be done right, it is important to start small though so only a 3 to 5 page site would do.  I would also suggest a CMS system like WordPress or Joomla.
  • Make sure you hire someone that actually knows what he or she is doing so do your homework on this stage.  If you are hiring someone that does know what they are doing then you only provide content and stay the heck out of the development of the website.  Why?  You have no understanding of what is required to design and develop an online business so why would you think you can tell them how to do it, if you let them do their job you will get a website that will build your business.  You need to concentrate on what you do no and not what you do not know.  Understandably though if you are hiring a website designer just because he is your friend then maybe you should get involved though from my standpoint I have seen this all to many times and no business ever comes from the website.
  • Take care of the business particulars once you get your first job and not before, Why go to the additional expense until you start making money and depending on the individual drive this could take from one month to never.  Now I only say this again because everyone is only limited by the limitations they put on themselves so your success depends on you and no one else.

What are some of the particulars mentioned above?

  • Bank accounts in the business name
  • State and Federal Tax ID number
  • Workers comp., Unemployment  – Now should you have other people working for you then this would need to be set-up prior but if you or your spouse are the employees then you do not have to worry about this phase until later.
  • Forming and S-corp, C-corp, these should be discussed with your attorney and accountant but if the business only consists of you or you and your spouse then I would not do until you see where the business is going or where you want to take the business.
  • If forming a partnership with someone other than your spouse then this should be first on the priority list and get everything ironed out prior to starting a business.


There are so many options for what you can do which include:  painting, stenciling, advertising, marketing, mowing, consulting, speaking, designing, interior design, networking and the list goes on and on so go ahead and invest in yourself and secure a future.  Building a business today does not have to be a huge gamble so don’t make it one, let the business take you where it will and you will grow with the business.

Good Luck