Affiliate Sites – Branding a Business

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Selling a Product or Explaining a Product

Selling a Product or Explaining a Product

It is important that you or me never try to sell a product via e-mail or social network but rather explain the benefits of the product to either make you more money or bring you more potential customers to your business, only then will you see value.

Selling a Product or Explaining a Product

Selling a Product or
Explaining a Product

At we offer several free options for your business marketing efforts, using the free options does require that you be more diligent on properly writing your ad or ads. This is true not only with us but with all advertising resources that offer free advertising so what benefits you here also benefits you on all of the other free advertising resources.

What is the difference between your service and other online? Actually not to much, the major difference is with you are dealing with a couple people who are experienced professionals and many of the others you are dealing with medium to large companies, especially the ones that are ranked with us.

What is the difference between paid advertising and free advertising? Paid advertising is always on top of the individual categories while other are ranked as they are placed, additionally paid advertising has their add rotate on the main page and for a small fee can have a nice banner that rotates also or you can create one for free should you choose. Premium Ads will get picked up by the search engine much faster so when you advertise for several months straight you ad becomes like a web page and sends you business to your website. You will not only receive massive traffic from viewers of but also receive high organic rankings so customers can also find you online.

Obtaining Local and Regional Rankings

Below is a company that had an ad put up just over a month ago, this is a premium paid ad with a custom banner and I personally wrote the add and of course did their website. Since the website was brand new at the time the idea of the ad was to build incoming links and bring business quickly while the website was obtaining organic rankings.

Here is the Google link to rankings:…0.0.gCKwcCrwqX8&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=b49f4d35db00997&biw=1134&bih=946

You will notice that the first listing is the ad on, this is why I stress that you optimize your ad for local and regional rankings as most brick and mortar businesses rely on local business and not business from other states and countries. Should your business be one that could use a global business I would optimized the website for global rankings and use free or paid advertising to build up certain areas, thus going after regional results as my visitors to are the global visitors for your business and your ads should go after regional business. Again this same technique can be used on any advertising resource and not just this one.

When putting together your ads put them together with the idea of explaining what you can do for potential customers and not trying to sell them, additionally when advertising do not spam which means putting up the same ad a million times. Think about it for a minute if you are going to spam do you think a potential customer is going to even want to deal with you, the people that spam are the people that are always selling something and no one wants to deal with someone that is always trying to sell something.

Building Your Business

Heck since I am in the advertising and marketing business everyone thinks I am always trying to sell them something, many people I meet on social networks say they like meeting people in person? This is why when you write an ad you explain your service so that customer will want to talk to you and your ad will bring you qualified customers, you can still go about meeting your customers in person as no one is saying to stop this part of the business. Online advertising is meant to bring new qualified business leads to your business and just like social networks it will create a larger customer base for your business.

Affiliate Sites – Branding a Business

In today’s economy if you are not online with a website, social networks and advertising properly to build incoming links you miles well be dead in the water. The nice thing about having your own physical web address as apposed to just an affiliate website link is your affiliate website link is just that, if you do not physically send people to this website then they never no you exist as this site does not get organically ranked in most cases where if you create a physical website you control the keywords and are able to build rankings and thus create new customers by explaining your service in addition to building more customers to your affiliate website.

Here is a good example of a website that we did for a customer who does just what I explained above:

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