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I started with business in mind, as a business owner for over 30 years now I see what business owners need and that was my main reason for creating this website and now the recently updated version is dedicated to businesses  and personal items people want to sell, whether you own a brick and mortar business, individual selling a product or service or an online business I want you to look to for all of your online advertising needs.

Building Business Online
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Building business online is the key to taking your business to the next level as future business will be built through localized and globalized advertising for which we want to be an industry leader.

Our growth is dependent on your businesses success through advertising your goods and services on our website and your success through advertising online is the reason I go over how to properly advertise in my other post. Our parent company for Buckeye is Golden Advertising which operates several advertising venues and informational websites though Buckeye is the traffic leader and of course our first advertising resource.

Business Classifieds, Free Classifieds – Building Business One Ad at a time!

Why many people choose Mainly because we are based in Ohio and the Buckeye is the state tree and the main college mascot is the Buckeye’s making it the obvious choice? Over the years though the majority of our business is not even in Ohio which is our home base, personally I have not been able to quite figure that one out since we will have over 50 million visitors this year you would think that most would be from Ohio. Anyways our business continues to grow and my main focus today is as it was when I started over 14 years ago, that is building business online in fact my motto is, Building your Business is our only Business. Of course a great team needs great players so tell your friends and family about our free classifieds, business classifieds banner advertising and text advertising resource so our business and your business can continue to grow together.

I have been organically optimizing websites since 1999 and have been in business since 1980 so who better to know and understand business than someone that has been doing it for over 30 years, over the last 10 – 12 years I have become quite proficient in organic SEO which is being found via keywords in addition to your name as appose to just your name only. Let’s face it no one has heard of, well except for the over 50 million people each year that view Golden Advertising family of websites but even most of those only continue to view us because we are on top of the search engines for many major keywords which people use to find advertising venues and more than likely that is how you found us. We hope that you and your friends and family continue to use our services so we can continue to grow, business owners from around the world use our services and many of our foreign advertisers use us to advertise their US clients.

We also professionally optimize and provide general maintenance to online businesses though our design company which is which has also been online for several years now and continues to grow so the next time you are either looking to upgrade or if you are even looking to move your company online please give us a call or send us and email and we will gladly provide your business with a quote. After all we are not just professional designer but actual business professionals with the experience in running a business in addition to many years of experience designing professionally looking websites, I might add that all of our websites rank exceptionally well and our customers that want their businesses to grow nationally that follow our guidelines also rank exceptionally well.

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